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IPVanish VPN
Data Privacy Day (DPD) is an annual international effort held to raise awareness about how consumer information is used, collected, and shared in our digital society. IPVanish joins more than 300 organizations in official support of data privacy and ...
$$6.49/Month    Download  Seller  Detail
Avira Phantom VPN for Windows
Be unhackable, untraceable, uncensorable with secure WiFi connections, anonymous surfing, and unrestricted access to your favorite web content. As a Security tool, it encrypts all your traffic. Prevents online spies from seeing your communications (e.g. ...
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BitRaser for File
Equipped with internationally recognized erasure algorithms, BitRaser facilitates permanent deletion of files beyond the scope of recovery. Easy and straightforward way to erase files from hard drive securely, this software helps in securing confidential ...
$30    Download  Seller  Detail
ExpressVPN for Windows
Our high-strength VPN encryption protects not only your web browser but also your emails, Skype conversations, online banking, and everything you do or see online - whether you are at home, the office, a cafe, or traveling the world. Give yourself some ...
$9/Month    Download  Seller  Detail
NordVPN for Windows
NordVPN native Windows app features intuitive design that allows you to VPN with ease. Developers at NordVPN believe protecting your privacy online should be easy to do – so just download and run. Enter your log-in details, press an ON button – and you’re ...
$6/Month    Download  Seller  Detail
WipeDrive completely erases ALL hard drive or external storage information including your personal data, programs, viruses and malware. Using WipeDrive's military grade wiping technology your data will be impossible to recover even with the most ...
$30    Download  Seller  Detail