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By: WhiteCanyon Software, Inc.   Seller  Download  
OS: Windows 10/8/7
Price: $30
Version: Jan 12, 2017
WipeDrive completely erases ALL hard drive or external storage information including your personal data, programs, viruses and malware. Using WipeDrive's military grade wiping technology your data will be impossible to recover even with the most sophisticated tools.

How can I use WipeDrive?
WipeDrive is perfect for any situation in which you need to delete ALL the data on your storage drive including data, programs, and the operating system.

Need to sell or donate your computer?
WipeDrive will completely wipe hard drive data allowing you to securely sell or donate your computer.

Is your computer infected?
WipeDrive will completely wipe out viruses, malware, and other dangerous infections.

Is your computer running slow?
WipeDrive will wipe hard drive data in preparation for a fresh install of your operating system and programs.

Want to re-use your computer for another purpose or person?
WipeDrive will erase your personal data, programs and operating system and allow you to start over.

WipeDrive is so good you'll NEVER be able to get your data back. Be sure to backup any data you'd like to restore. If you only want to erase personal data while leaving your operating system and programs in tact, try SystemSaver.

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