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 InterConneX for iPhone
By: Econ Technologies, Inc.   Seller  Download  
OS: iOS 8.0 or later
Version: 1.2.1Mar 07, 2016Size: 30.1 MB
InterConneX is a file management and sharing application that allows you to store files on your iPhone and exchange them with other apps, iPhones, iPads and even desktop computers with ChronoAgent installed.

You begin by creating one or more Sharespaces on your device. These are "virtual hard drives" in which you can place as many document files as will fit. You can manage these files just like you would on a desktop computer - copy, move, delete, rename and organize them into a folder hierarchy. Sharespaces can remain private, where only you have access to their contents, or you can make them public, where other users with InterConneX can access them to exchange files back and forth. Document exchange works over WiFi networks or, optionally, Bluetooth for direct device-to-device transfers.

InterConneX connects directly to other devices so your files are never stored on another server. Cloud storage services store your files on their own systems and then download them to your devices.

You work directly with files & folders in a sharespace regardless of the source. You can import files from or export files to other apps or use QuickLook, Email & Print tools directly on files without the need to "Download" them to your device first.

You can create sharespaces specifically for sharing files with other users on other devices. You control who has access and what they see. Not all products offering device-to-device connectivity have this ability.

Connections to remote InterConneX and ChronoAgent sharespaces utilize SSL encryption, so your transferred data is safe from prying eyes — a real concern when exchanging files in a public hotspot or unprotected network.

InterConneX can connect to a computer running ChronoAgent and have access to all volumes & files on that computer. Other apps typically connect via FTP or WebDAV and have very limited access.

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