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Encryption Apps Help White House Staffers Leak
Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, a steady stream of leaks happened around the White House. Some are innocuous, and some devastating. The question is how the stories do to media secretly. In response, Trump has launched an investigation, tweeted: "Why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington?" A tiny technology flaw hole will cause fatal info leak...
By LILY HAY NEWMAN  View Source  
Will Trump Let Arab Hackers To Make America Safe Again
The first of first for safe is trust. Arab hackers are becoming a new issue for America safe. A new case is that Cairo-born Mohamed Saher has been told he shouldn't leave U.S., he works for a security firm, NSS Labs, and his boss doubts Trump's travel ban may finally cover more countries...
By Thomas Fox-Brewster  View Source  
Donald Trump Unveiled Four-Part Cyber Security Strategy
President-elect Donald Trump disclosed his cyber security strategy, which is getting mixed reactions. Experts say it has some good ideas. "It sounds like a fairly rational, high-level playbook... but much of this is already being done to a certain extent," chief technology officer at Binary Defense Systems agreed with him...
By JOSE PAGLIERY  View Source  
Did Russia Hack the Democratic National Committee
Hacker is becoming a part in political game. Recently some hacker attacks more or less are connected to Hillary or Trump. A former CIA security expert Fred Fleitz doubted Hillary's argument. She said Democratic National Committee data leaked is due to ambiguous Russian trying to block her road back White House...
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