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Car Companies Are Hiring Computer Security Experts
When cars are connected with Internet, hacking a car is as similar as hacking a computer. However, the consequence is totally different. Can you imagine a car runs by remote hacker? Careering off a bridge, colliding with a bus, or rushing to a heavy traffic.Now you know why car companies are desperately hiring computer security experts...
FBI Suspects Russian Hackers Behind Qatar Crisis
Qatar is a hot word in last week. It actually leads a new round of Middle East crisis. When the story is developing unpredictably, its trigger has been disappeared. At very beginning the crisis starts from a news of Qatar government's website. However, Qatar deleted the news quickly and said it's fake and posted by hackers. Hacker is becoming a part of politics...
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16 Hacker Makes 400 Thousands Pounds in 4 Years
An England court is focused because of a young hacker, now 20. He created a hacking tool at 16, sold to more than 100 thousand clients, and earned near 400 thousand pounds in past years. The hacking tool, actually a DDoS tool disabled countless websites and costs millions of millions loss. The society wastes its wealthy as well as the young guys waste their talents and energies...
By Simon Parkin  View Source  
Russian Hacker Created Starter Pack Ransomware
Hackers never stop widening their businesses. Ransomware is sort of high tech and skill crime before. But a Russian hacker is changing it, who has created a starter package to run ransomware service. With this tool, low-level criminals can join into the game easily. Ramsomware and other malware, these dark technology are impacting common people both online and offline, if you don't want own privacy to become money of others...
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Hackers Access to Athletes’ Medical Records
The database of the World Anti-Doping Agency becomes one of the hottest topics again. This time is due to hackers who are believed the same group that FBI officials have tied to a broad effort to influence the United States presidential election. Lots of athletes' private medical recodes are leaked from the computer network. President of the International Association of Athletics Federations apologized to the athletes whose medical records were compromised...
By REBECCA R. RUIZ  View Source  
How CIA Hackers Rate Anti Virus Software
If you are using or planning to use any computer security software, like anti-virus products, you may ask this question again, again, and again to either yourself or some others: which is the right choice to keep your privacy and secret from hackers' attack. You may get recommends from separate channels, and feel it's not a easy tradeoff. Now you hear the comments from CIA hackers, more or less you will get ideas from guys who aren't in view of business...
By Anthony Cuthbertson  View Source  
Using Facebook Quizzes Get Personal Data
Your personal data may be stolen from some channels you fully trust. Facebook is the new one in that risk list. The report said Facebook's random online quizzes online, where one can share the result afterwards, is raising the warning. These seemingly plain questionnaires could actually be used to infiltrate your personal data...
By KHRISTIAN IBARROLA  View Source  View Cache  
Naked Pictures of Kate Moss Been Stolen
The new celebrity victim of hacker attacking is Kate Moss by recent report. Her computer somehow was visited by unknown guys, and lots of photos are believed to have been stolen. These very, very private pictures are possibly involved with her friends too. Right now the leaked stuffs aren't in public yet, hopefully they are in right encryption...
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Don't Do Cyber Crime If Can't Do Jail Time
You may heard the old adage "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time". It's the same to young cyber criminals. A 17-year-old was sentenced to 12 months rehabilitation after hacking British telecom; another 17-year-old was sentenced to four years in Massachusetts for leading a group of villainous hackers. Hacker sometimes means go to jail.
By Steve Morgan  View Source  View Cache  
Will Trump Let Arab Hackers To Make America Safe Again
The first of first for safe is trust. Arab hackers are becoming a new issue for America safe. A new case is that Cairo-born Mohamed Saher has been told he shouldn't leave U.S., he works for a security firm, NSS Labs, and his boss doubts Trump's travel ban may finally cover more countries...
By Thomas Fox-Brewster  View Source  
Smart TV Maker Spying on Its 11 Million Users
Your privacy is money of others. Your computer, or your phone is monitoring you. Surprise? maybe not. How about your TV? Your smart TV is spying you too. As one of the world's biggest smart TV makers, Vizio has been caught secretly collecting data over 11 Million TVs and then selling customers' privacy without the user's explicit consent. The case has been fined heavily and finally exposed the scandal...
By Swati Khandelwalr  View Source  
The car hackers of Fremont
Hackers years ago demonstrated an ability to commandeer, remotely, a vehicle’s transmission and steering, although the known cases have not been random, broad-based attacks but instead were aimed at specific vulnerabilities in specific cars.
By David R. Baker  View Source  
Urge Clinton to Challenge Election Results for Hacker Issue
Hillary Clinton's campaign is being urged by a special group, top computer scientists or top good hackers, who believe they have found evidence of bad hackers to cheat the result, and doubt this happened in multiple states. So they are calling for a recount of vote in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, ....
By Dan Merica  View Source  
Hackers Guilty of Mining Millions from EA Game
The virtual money and online marketplace are targets of hackers too. A young guy from CA was found guilty not because he stole money from a US bank, but mined $16 million FIFA coins from a soccer game of EA. This isn't a first hack case related to virtual money, and higher value cases would come very soon in cyber security circumstances...
By Sean Buckley  View Source  
Donald Trump Unveiled Four-Part Cyber Security Strategy
President-elect Donald Trump disclosed his cyber security strategy, which is getting mixed reactions. Experts say it has some good ideas. "It sounds like a fairly rational, high-level playbook... but much of this is already being done to a certain extent," chief technology officer at Binary Defense Systems agreed with him...
By JOSE PAGLIERY  View Source  
Demonstrates Hack of U.S. E-voting Machine
E-vote machine is becoming object of election year. Within a few minutes, a hacker demonstrated to change the vote totals on an aging electronic voting machine, which is still used in 13 U.S. states. The vulnerability isn't new in such aging devices, actually back a decade. However, because people connect this election with Russia or Snowden, the timing of the release is a little odd.
By Grant Gross  View Source  
Cameras IoT Brings New Hacker Risk
IoT, Internet of Things, is officially part of modern Internet. Cameras, DVRs, and things attached on Internet are objects of hackers too. The recent massive Internet Outage are suggested to be a DDOS attack from millions of CCTV video cameras, these online cameras are really independent computers so they can be as source to such attack as long as their password leaded...
By Brian Krebs  View Source  
Did Russia Hack the Democratic National Committee
Hacker is becoming a part in political game. Recently some hacker attacks more or less are connected to Hillary or Trump. A former CIA security expert Fred Fleitz doubted Hillary's argument. She said Democratic National Committee data leaked is due to ambiguous Russian trying to block her road back White House...
By WashingtonsBlog  View Source  
UCSB Hackers Advance in Worldwide Competition
Hackers aren't always in dark side. Near 20 thousands students from the earth contest on the hacker skills in September. New York University hosted this event, which has a meaningful name: Capture the Flag. A group of hackers from UC Santa Barbara finally got that Flag, the first place...
By Allison Garfield  View Source  
Symantec Reported New Bank Hacker by Fake SWIFT
Symantec reported a new case of cyber-security on Tuesday. A hacking group planned to steal money by fraudulent SWIFT messages from some banks, the similar story happened on Bangladesh’s central bank before. The new found malware has infected 10 to 20 organizations, possibly will cause more troubles in the global financial system. ...
By JIM FINKLE  View Source