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Texas Gunman Locked iPhone Renews Encryption Debate
When you heard FBI failed to unlock the cellphone of the Texas gunman, what do you think? Yahoo once leaked almost everyone's data to hackers, but Apple is fighting to protect privacy of murders like this shooter. Are they really so different? This sad story is reigniting the debate over encryption and government access to secured communications. It's just a blooding commerce chance for some companies and far away the nature: we must punish criminals either online or by gun...
China Government Use its Own Encryption in Windows 10
MS announced a news that hardly impacts global OS market but may change some people's fates in future. It will allow China's government to use own encryption in Window 10. This is a horrible start. Right now there is no detail to disclose, for example, how China replaces the original encryption with own version and if the rule will apply to all computers sold in China. The deal may solve some security concerns of China government, but is raising privacy threat on other side. Where to buy computer possibly will become a new question...
By Brad Sams  View Source  
Encryption Apps Help White House Staffers Leak
Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, a steady stream of leaks happened around the White House. Some are innocuous, and some devastating. The question is how the stories do to media secretly. In response, Trump has launched an investigation, tweeted: "Why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington?" A tiny technology flaw hole will cause fatal info leak...
By LILY HAY NEWMAN  View Source  
Sex Videos Are Safe Under Rumuki
Sex tapes are a high risk object of privacy. As long as produced, they are never totally secure. We heard lots of bad or sad stories. Zealand startup Rumuki aims the market: keep sex videos security for young lovers. The device is a prenup for sex videos with encryption, and only unlocks and shows with mutual consent. In first week of its launching, more than 1,000 devices are register...
By M. J. Coren  View Source  
Yahoo admits employees discovered hack
Today Yahoo admitted that some employees were aware of data leaking as early as 2014. Are you a Yahoo user? 500 million users’ data are stolen since 2014. Your data are in hackers' hard drive for three years and you never get a warning. Now Yahoo publicly acknowledged the hack. We don't comment why or how this happened, but recommend to encrypt your own data if you doubt Yahoo, or any other data services.
By Kate Conger  View Source  
Critical flaws found in open-source encryption software
VeraCrypt may be new to you, but some of us know TrueCrypt, a famous open source encryption software. VeraCrypt, the successor of popular TrueCrypt, is found critical vulnerabilities recently. Security software has security issue. What can we trust? The further bad story is the flaw cannot be patched easily, so ...
By Lucian Constantin  View Source  
A Small Business Guide to Computer Encryption
Only a few people know the nature of encryption, but all businesses need it to protect sensitive data. The basic encryption is called ciphertext, which let data to be unreadable unless you are authorised. A modern business has to consider all core data in security view, from USB flash drives to cloud...
By Kim Lindros  View Source  
The Best Encryption Software
Do you remember the story of Bernardino shooter's iPhone? FBI needed information encrypted in the phone, but Apple refused to offer a back door to get it. No such back door existed as Apple said? None knows the truth. The FBI had to hire hackers to get into the phone...
By NEIL J. RUBENKING  View Source  
The Strange Origins of TrueCrypt, ISIS Favored Encryption Tool
Before companies like Apple and Microsoft built encryption into their products, before Apple took on the U.S. government (briefly) over the unlocking of a San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, TrueCrypt and programs like it were the primary means for securing files and disks by those with a privacy bent of whatever stripe. Free to download and...
By EVAN RATLIFF  View Source  
Flaw in iMessage encryption revealed by researchers
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have cracked the encryption on Apple’s iMessage service, proving that a skilled attacker is capable of reading messages sent between iPads, iPhones and Macs despite the security measures protecting the devices. The attack relies on a flaw in iMessage which will be fixed in iOS 9.3, released today. But until...
By Alex Hern  View Source  
Password Manager LastPass Hacked, Exposing Encrypted Master Passwords
Password manager LastPass said Monday that email addresses and encrypted master passwords were compromised in a breach. LastPass CEO Joe Siegrist wrote in a blog post that the company does not believe user accounts were accessed in the attack, but the company recommended that users change the master password they use to access their account. ...
By Kate Vinton  View Source