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ESET Report Hackers Hijack Computers to Make Money
ESET reported a new type of crime of hackers: hijacking victim computers to mine cryptocurrency. Its researchers uncovered the profitable hacking. One guy aimed Windows servers and infected hundreds of them to run a mining malware, which steals cpu and memory resources to generate $63,000 in 3 months. This is just one case. Because the hackers want to hijack the victims to make money, the malware is hidden considerably and not easy to view...
By Joon Ian Wong  View Source  
Trend Micro Is Fighting Locky Ransomware Variants
Locky ransomware isn't new, but recent weeks an alert is urgent: one variant of this ransomware is coming under one of the largest malware campaigns in the second half of 2017: 23 million spam emails. According to Trend Micro, the ransomware is not likely to be on the scale of 'Wannacrypt' and 'Petya' that relied on Microsoft vulnerability in Windows XP. Only if you deal with the spam email in right way: delete it...
By IANS  View Source  
The 10 Windows Group Policy Risk Your Data Security
Microsoft Windows computers are believed to have higher security risk than Unix computers. For common users the real threat isn't that the OS is not so strong as others, but settings is too complicated to get them right, for example, Windows 8.1 has more than 3,700 settings. Group Policy is supposed as a security tool to manage office users, however it possibly causes security issue due to misuse it...
By Roger A. Grimes  View Source  
China Government Use its Own Encryption in Windows 10
MS announced a news that hardly impacts global OS market but may change some people's fates in future. It will allow China's government to use own encryption in Window 10. This is a horrible start. Right now there is no detail to disclose, for example, how China replaces the original encryption with own version and if the rule will apply to all computers sold in China. The deal may solve some security concerns of China government, but is raising privacy threat on other side. Where to buy computer possibly will become a new question...
By Brad Sams  View Source  
Do Apple Macs need antivirus
Do your Mac need antivirus? The answer is yes. The virus cases are less reported than Windows doesn't mean it's safer than latter. The key reason is its market share is less than latter. This paper recommends BitDefender Antivirus and Norton Antivirus. Possibly others have different ideas. However, reasons for the suggestion that Macs do require antivirus deserves every user to know...
By Matt Egan  View Source  
Best anti-virus programs for Windows 10
It is not an easy decision of choosing an information security product. At Windows or PC, there are multiple options in market. What is the right one? Answer may be in following readings.
Hackers recreate fingerprints using public photos
A German hacking group claims that it can recreate your fingerprints from the other side of the world. At a cybersecurity convention in Hamburg last week, the "Chaos Computer Club" demonstrated how it can mimic a fingerprint just by analyzing photographs. Fingerprints have been recreated from smudges on windows and other smooth surfaces. In the...
By David Goldman  View Source  
Tips for NOT getting Hacked on the Web
1) Upgrade Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X Outdated software is the enemy of online safety and security. Fortunately this process is easy and you should do this right now, even before reading the rest of this article. If you use Microsoft Windows… Fire up your Internet Explorer web browser and visit Microsoft Update. Just follow the instructions...
By Jeremiah Grossman  View Source  
End to Microsoft XP support could put millions of computers at risk of hacking
Computer and banking systems around the world are about to be hit with a new challenge to their security. On April 8, Microsoft Corp. officially closes the door on Windows XP. The 12-year-old program still accounts for 29.2 per cent of all operating systems worldwide, according to research firm Net Market Share. It’s installed on more than 95...
By VITO PILIECI  View Source  
Free Chinese-made software poses security risk
A Japanese-language input program — potentially installed on millions of computers, including those used at government agencies — sends every character typed to the software provider’s server without the user’s consent. The Baidu IME program for Windows computers is distributed for free on the Internet by Baidu Japan Inc., the Japanese arm of...
By ATSUSHI KODERA  View Source  
Microsoft IE Patch Fixes Flaw Under Active Attack
As promised, Microsoft Friday released a security update to patch a zero-day vulnerability that's being actively exploited by attackers, as well as four previously undisclosed vulnerabilities of a similar nature. According to Microsoft's critical security update, Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, and 9, running on almost every type of Windows operating...
By Mathew J. Schwartz  View Source