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Artificial Intelligence is Helping Bosses Spy You
You may not read every word of your employment contact before signing. At AI era, the file probably includes new articles related to your privacy. When you get the job, it means you consents to sort of surveillance by modern IT or AI technology. For example, Amazon has patented a wristband that tracks the hand movements of workers; Workday, a software firm, crunches around 60 factors to predict which employees will leave. Your boss can know you more than yourself...
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Is your toy spying on you? Find out how to hack the hackers
In holiday season, toys are the commonest presents of boys and girls. More and more smart toys run in bedroom, living room, or bathroom, which are bringing new privacy issues or threats. FBI once raised warnings on toys, e.g. Grinch-like, which said toys connected to the Internet could be a target of hackers to listen in on conversations or to steal information related household. Read the paper and an eye on kid's toys...
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Smart TV Maker Spying on Its 11 Million Users
Your privacy is money of others. Your computer, or your phone is monitoring you. Surprise? maybe not. How about your TV? Your smart TV is spying you too. As one of the world's biggest smart TV makers, Vizio has been caught secretly collecting data over 11 Million TVs and then selling customers' privacy without the user's explicit consent. The case has been fined heavily and finally exposed the scandal...
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Canadians still in dark over police use of cellphone spyware
A police department’s refusal to either confirm or deny the use of a controversial and indiscriminate mass-surveillance device means Canadians have no way of knowing if their personal cellphone data is safe from prying eyes, say civil-rights groups. Pivot Legal Society, a British Columbia-based legal-advocacy organization, filed an appeal with...
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Alleged UK hacking of Belgian telecoms firm was far-reaching-reports
Hacking of computers at Belgian telecoms firm Belgacom, alleged to have been carried out by a British spy agency, was more far-reaching than previously thought and went undetected for more than two years, according to reports published on Saturday. News of the intrusion into Belgacom's networks first broke late last year when Belgium asked...
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UK, US spies hacked into webcam feeds of millions of Yahoo users
U.S. and British spy agencies intercepted and stored images from the webcams of millions of likely innocent Yahoo users, including “large quantities” of sexually explicit images, the Guardian reported Thursday -- a revelation the web giant described as “a whole new level of violation.” A secret program called Optic Nerve appears intended to...
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FBI can spy on you through your webcam without triggering the indicator light
The US government has been able to secretly spy on its citizens through their computer’s webcams for several years, it has been revealed. The FBI has long been able to activate a computer’s camera without triggering the ‘recording light’ to let the owner know the webcam is on, a former assistant director of its tech division has said. The FBI...
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Obama may ban spying on allied leaders
Obama’s decision comes as a response to a deepening diplomatic crisis over the recent NSA’s spying scandals. The New York Times said Monday that the White House informed Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of its plan. In a statement on Monday, Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that the White House had told her it...
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NSA's access to Microsoft's services detailed
Microsoft helped the NSA get around its encryption systems so the agency could more easily spy on users of its services, reports suggest. Papers given to The Guardian newspaper allege there were close links between the security agency and the tech firm. Microsoft said its collaboration with the NSA only took place because legal obligations...
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