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Kaspersky Confirms It Downloaded Secret NSA Tools
Kaspersky is anti-virus and cyber security company. If someday you hear it steal hacker tools from NSA, aren't surprised. Hackers and anti-virus software are actually in same industry and share same technology base. The U.S. government ordered Kaspersky's software to be removed from government owned computers last month because of meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Now the questions is: The security software is safe itself?
By Shane Savitsky  View Source  
Cyber Attack Sweeps Globe Seems WannaCry Linked
A new global computer virus attacked from Tuesday; many Russian and Ukrainian targets, like oil companies and banks, are attacked by a virus similar to the ransomware WannaCry. The virus copied codes from earlier ransomware campaigns known as "Petya" and "GoldenEye." Technically, it's not a new one; but it's more aggressive in spreading and attacking. The good news is update patch for WannaCry may protect some machines from the new virus...
By Jack Stubbs  View Source  
Russian Hackers Linked To Instagram of Britney Spears
Russian Hackers hided a malware operation in Britney Spears' Instagram account, according to Slovakian cyber-security firm ESET. The research found the hackers are connected to Turla, which once attack internet systems of the embassies and governments of a number of Eastern European nations in 2014...
By Mary Papenfuss  View Source  
FBI Suspects Russian Hackers Behind Qatar Crisis
Qatar is a hot word in last week. It actually leads a new round of Middle East crisis. When the story is developing unpredictably, its trigger has been disappeared. At very beginning the crisis starts from a news of Qatar government's website. However, Qatar deleted the news quickly and said it's fake and posted by hackers. Hacker is becoming a part of politics...
By From Spiegel  View Source  
Russian Hacker Created Starter Pack Ransomware
Hackers never stop widening their businesses. Ransomware is sort of high tech and skill crime before. But a Russian hacker is changing it, who has created a starter package to run ransomware service. With this tool, low-level criminals can join into the game easily. Ramsomware and other malware, these dark technology are impacting common people both online and offline, if you don't want own privacy to become money of others...
By Zack Whittaker  View Source  
Did Russia Hack the Democratic National Committee
Hacker is becoming a part in political game. Recently some hacker attacks more or less are connected to Hillary or Trump. A former CIA security expert Fred Fleitz doubted Hillary's argument. She said Democratic National Committee data leaked is due to ambiguous Russian trying to block her road back White House...
By WashingtonsBlog  View Source  
A Teen Hacker Is Targeting Russian Sites
A teenage hacker angry about the downing of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 has gone on a hacking spree, apparently breaching several random Russian websites and spilling the private information on millions of Russian internet users. The hacker, who calls himself Cyber Anakin in reference to the Star Wars character, told me that he didn’t...
Turkish Hackers down Russian Embassy Website in Israel
A Turkish hacker group downed the website of Russia’s embassy in Israel on Sunday, redirecting all visitors from the site to pages with Turkish nationalist images. Russia and Turkey’s relationship has deteriorated in recent months after Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 jet performing airstrikes in northern Syria, alleging it had violated Turkish...
By DAMIEN SHARKOV  View Source  
White House Computer Networks Hacked
Russian hackers suspected Hackers believed to be employed by the Russian government breached White House computer networks in recent weeks, temporarily disrupting services. Citing unnamed sources, the Washington Post reported there was no evidence that hackers had breached classified networks or that any of the systems were damaged. Intranet or...
By Sam Frizell  View Source  
5 Million Gmail Usernames, Passwords Hacked And Posted To Russian Bitcoin Forum: Report
Hackers appear to have dumped nearly 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords to a Russian bitcoin forum. Word first spread of the still-unconfirmed hack when a user posted a link to the log-in credentials in a security-centric corner of Reddit frequented by hackers, professional and aspiring. The database (which International Business Times will...
By Jeff Stone  View Source  
Google Images Hacked? Searches Bring Up Images of Russian Car Accident
Google hasn't yet commented on the strange thing happening to its image search function People searching Google Images Tuesday morning are noticing an apparent glitch in the system. Innocuous searches are resulting in repeated images of a car accident, alongside intermittent pictures of NBA star Kevin Durant. Numerous social media reports claim...
By Laura Stampler  View Source  
Everything You Need to Know About the Massive Russian Hack
Russian hackers have stolen 1.2 billion Internet user credentials. Here's what you need to know A Billion Passwords Have Been Stolen. Here’s What to Do Now News broke late Tuesday that Russian hackers have acquired over one billion username and password combinations, the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials. It’s a massive...
By Sam Frizell  View Source  
Russia gang hacks 1.2 billion usernames and passwords
A Russian group has hacked 1.2 billion usernames and passwords belonging to more than 500 million email addresses, according to Hold Security - a US firm specialising in discovering breaches. Hold Security described the hack as the "largest data breach known to date". It claimed the stolen information came from more than 420,000 websites,...
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How Russian Hackers Stole the Nasdaq
In October 2010, a Federal Bureau of Investigation system monitoring U.S. Internet traffic picked up an alert. The signal was coming from Nasdaq (NDAQ). It looked like malware had snuck into the company’s central servers. There were indications that the intruder was not a kid somewhere, but the intelligence agency of another country. More...
By Michael Riley  View Source  
Usernames and passwords stolen as CNET is hacked
Technology website CNET has become the latest high-profile victim of hacking, with more than a million users’ usernames and passwords stolen. The CBS Interactive owned website – which recorded 27.1 million unique users in the US alone last month – has been the target of the Russian hacker group w0rm. Although CNET was originally informed about...
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Judge lets US intercept info from hacked computers
The Justice Department can continue to intercept information from 350,000 computers worldwide that are known to be infected with a data-stealing virus being spread by an alleged Russian computer hacker and his conspirators, a federal judge said. Justice Department attorneys told U.S. District Judge Arthur Schwab the affected computers will remain...
By Joe Mandak  View Source  
Russian News Website Hacked After Military Action in Ukraine
A Russian news website was hacked temporarily, one day after the country’s military escalated an already tense situation in Ukraine. The website, or Russia Today, was hacked this morning, the news site confirmed via its Twitter acount, but did not say who might be responsible. The RT website is the online presence of Russian news RT...
By illian  View Source  
Sochi visitors entering hacking 'minefield' by firing up electronics
According to an NBC News report, Russian hackers are attacking Olympics visitors' computers and phones the instant they turn them on. Par for the course for the broken $51 billion event. If you've read anything about the Sochi Olympics over the last few days, there's as much a chance that it was about broken and unfinished infrastructure as...
By Daniel Terdiman  View Source  
'Gozi' computer virus hit bank accounts, officials say; 3 charged
U.S. prosecutors say a Russian, a Latvian and a Romanian have been arrested for spreading a virus to steal online banking data worldwide. Federal prosecutors said they had foiled an international cyber-crime ring that targeted bank accounts in the U.S. and around the globe. The criminal charges, disclosed Wednesday, highlight the vulnerabilities...
By Andrew Tangel, Los Angeles Times  View Source  
Skype Fixes Major Password Security Hole
It's not a good week for password security. Only a few days after Twitter reset a number of passwords because of a security breach, Skype also has had a password security problem. Early this morning it was found that Skype's password reset tool had been compromised. Discovered by Russian hackers and first reported by the tech site the Next Web,...
By Tim Smith  View Source