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 Search Result for Ransomware in All Fields - Find 8 Stories
WannaCry and Ransomware is Active on May
Ransomware is to demand money after launching security attack. This May large scale ransomware attacks are reports in many countries. WannaCry is one the them; its name is telling the world not to touch me, or your bad day is coming. The NHS once suffered a major cyber attack and had to cancel some operations countrywide. In China, the thing even became worse. Thousands of gas stations' computer systems had been down to follow a ransomware warning....
By Cara McGoogan  View Source  
Netflix Incident and Cyber Extortion Campaigns
Recently Netflix is focused among information security topics. Some attackers declared to expose its data or disrupt its web site by DDoS unless the organization pays ransoms. 10 unaired episodes from Season 5 of Netflix’ hit series "Orange Is The New Black" have been leaked. It shows that ransomware is not the only form ...
By Jai Vijayan  View Source  
Regular File Backup Against Ransomware Threat
Ransomware is becoming a new threat in information security area. If you click a malicious link in email, the consequence is hard to predicate. Your photos or files may be gone. If you didn't backup them yet and you desperately want them back, you are possibly the victim of ransomware...
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Russian Hacker Created Starter Pack Ransomware
Hackers never stop widening their businesses. Ransomware is sort of high tech and skill crime before. But a Russian hacker is changing it, who has created a starter package to run ransomware service. With this tool, low-level criminals can join into the game easily. Ramsomware and other malware, these dark technology are impacting common people both online and offline, if you don't want own privacy to become money of others...
By Zack Whittaker  View Source  
Want to be a hacker: Here to start
There's been a surge of high-profile cyber attacks recently: last year's Ashley Madison debacle, a number of attacks carried out by hacktivist group Anonymous, and the recent ransomware siege of a Hollywood hospital, to name a few. As a result, the demand (and salaries) for cybersecurity professionals has skyrocketed. The best way to learn cyber...
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Why you should never pay hackers if they take over your computer
If you’re not familiar with ransomware yet, expect to hear a lot more about it this year. Ransomware, which is a form of malware, works by either holding your entire computer hostage or by blocking access to all of your files by encrypting them. Once infected, a person generally receives a message stating that he or she must pay a certain amount...
By Cadie Thompson  View Source  
Hacker Locks Hospital’s Entire Computer Network, Asks $3.6 Million for Decryption
A ransomware is wreaking havoc in Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center located in California. The hospital computers have been down for more than a week after ransomware infection encrypted all the files on the hospital network. The problem is so severe that the hospital authorities are transferring patients to other hospitals because of the...
By VIJAY PRABHU  View Source  
Ransomware On Apple's iCloud: How the Attack Worked
Be honest, have you ever really been worried about your Apple device getting hacked? I never truly considered the possibility. That is, until I heard about the ransomware attack which affected iCloud users in Australia and the U.S. recently. Victims were locked out of their iPhones by an "Oleg Pliss" and told to pay $100 to unlock their device. In...
By Abigail Wang  View Source