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Hackers Spying on Sonos and Bose Smart Systems
Anything attached to internet, it will be potential object of hackers. The warnings about toys isn't passed completely, the home speakers are reported to have a number of security gaps that could give anyone access to the device from a remote location. Some famous brands, like Sonos and Bose, are in the warning list. As a matter of fact, the internet connected devices give the physical accessing of hackers, it opens a crack, small or big, to cause home security issues...
Is your toy spying on you? Find out how to hack the hackers
In holiday season, toys are the commonest presents of boys and girls. More and more smart toys run in bedroom, living room, or bathroom, which are bringing new privacy issues or threats. FBI once raised warnings on toys, e.g. Grinch-like, which said toys connected to the Internet could be a target of hackers to listen in on conversations or to steal information related household. Read the paper and an eye on kid's toys...
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2018 AVG Internet Security: A Premium Antivirus Suite
AVG has a big advantage in the free antivirus market. Most of us know AVG because of AVG Free. Now the free stuff is still there, but the worse Internet security trend is bringing new business chances to the company. The logic is you love the free stuff so much that you’ll eventually upgrade to one of its paid products. Its AVG Internet Security, flagship product of next generation PC security, integrates main crucial features and is priced at $70,...
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Kaspersky Joined Avian Presents Kaspersky Internet Security 2018
The modern household is changing, on average, it cares for 2.4 people , 0.3 pets and now also 6.3 connected devices. With devices playing such a prominent role in today's average home, Kaspersky Lab launched the updated version, namely Kaspersky Internet Security 2018, to help people care for their devices from ransomware protection to parents control...
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Russian Hackers Linked To Instagram of Britney Spears
Russian Hackers hided a malware operation in Britney Spears' Instagram account, according to Slovakian cyber-security firm ESET. The research found the hackers are connected to Turla, which once attack internet systems of the embassies and governments of a number of Eastern European nations in 2014...
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Car Companies Are Hiring Computer Security Experts
When cars are connected with Internet, hacking a car is as similar as hacking a computer. However, the consequence is totally different. Can you imagine a car runs by remote hacker? Careering off a bridge, colliding with a bus, or rushing to a heavy traffic.Now you know why car companies are desperately hiring computer security experts...
5 biggest cybersecurity questions answered
Everything changes, either quickly or slowly. Cyber security is in the fastest end. Some horrible things is in front of you, but you even never heard it before. How can I surf the web anonymously? Is it a question? Yes, because in most cases your internet activities or behaviors are collected and shared among venders. Can hackers access my webcam? The answer is hackers can get more than webcam if they are smart and evil enough...
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The 10 biggest hacks, breaches, and security stories of 2016
It's the year end and we usually summarize the big events of the year now. As for information security, Yahoo is a key word recently: It broke the record for allowing the largest hack in history—twice. Besides, webcams and DVRs took down the Internet in the United States. and Russia accused of "hacking the vote," many things took place we never heard before...
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Does Censorship Is A Way for Cyber Security
A new law related to cyber security is in table of Chinese law makers. The draft bill caused some controversial comments. For example, hackers aren't the key part there although they are the role in most of cyber attacks or accidents. Instead, government are granted to censor Internet. Cyber security has separate definitions by countries. In China, ...
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Cameras IoT Brings New Hacker Risk
IoT, Internet of Things, is officially part of modern Internet. Cameras, DVRs, and things attached on Internet are objects of hackers too. The recent massive Internet Outage are suggested to be a DDOS attack from millions of CCTV video cameras, these online cameras are really independent computers so they can be as source to such attack as long as their password leaded...
By Brian Krebs  View Source  
DDOS Attacks Slowed Down Many Major Websites
On Oct 21 many usual DDOS attacks target major websites from the east coast to the west coast, and finally resulted in massive internet outages. Why do the hackers launch these attacks? Internet security experts don't want to give a clear answer, or don't get the answer yet. Some even believe this isn't a real attack, but just a test...
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Alibaba opens information security tech platform
Alibaba believes that any security challenges faced by one company would become the threat for all of Internet. So it works harder to empower more partners to safeguard the entire ecosystem together.
By Meng Jing  View Source  
Mark Zuckerberg Has Tape on His Computer
The Facebook CEO posted a photo to his personal Facebook Tuesday. The Internet took the opportunity to notice his laptop on the desk. The computer’s webcam and microphone jack had been taped over.
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How hackers getting and what you can do
How hackers are really getting your data, and what you can do to keep it safe: Follow these steps to keep your digital life secure.
By Christian de Looper  View Source  
Even Fake Hackers Can Make Money on the Internet
Earlier this week, the security firm CloudFlare outed a group of hackers, or an individual, who was pretending to be the infamous hacking gang Armada Collective. This imposter was apparently making money off of empty threats of crippling DDoS attacks. “While the actual members of the original Armada Collective appear locked up in a European jail,...
A Teen Hacker Is Targeting Russian Sites
A teenage hacker angry about the downing of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 has gone on a hacking spree, apparently breaching several random Russian websites and spilling the private information on millions of Russian internet users. The hacker, who calls himself Cyber Anakin in reference to the Star Wars character, told me that he didn’t...
4 simple ways to improve Internet security
Some people make dieting resolutions in the New Year. I make security and privacy resolutions, because those are the things that keep me up at night. After all, as a journalist, it’s important for me to give my sources assurances that I will keep their communications confidential. And in today’s world, that is an ever-more-difficult task. ...
Celebrities hacked: Why you shouldn't go looking for the nude pics
Clicking on the nude photos of celebrities that have been leaked online could expose curious Internet users to an "absolute world of hurt" by putting their own private information at risk, says one expert. Leaked nude photos of more than 100 celebrities have many wondering how it happened and if the average person should be worried about the...
By Andrea Janus and Jordan Chittley  View Source  
You Can Get Hacked Just By Watching A Cat Video on YouTube
Many otherwise well-informed people think they have to do something wrong, or stupid, or insecure to get hacked—like clicking on the wrong attachments, or browsing malicious websites. People also think that the NSA and its international partners are the only ones who have turned the internet into a militarized zone. But according to research I am...
By Morgan Marquis Boire  View Source  
Everything You Need to Know About the Massive Russian Hack
Russian hackers have stolen 1.2 billion Internet user credentials. Here's what you need to know A Billion Passwords Have Been Stolen. Here’s What to Do Now News broke late Tuesday that Russian hackers have acquired over one billion username and password combinations, the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials. It’s a massive...
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