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 Search Result for Cloud in All Fields - Find 6 Stories
Foreshadow attack affects Intel chips
This is third time this year Intel chips are discovered security flaw, code as Foreshadow. Researchers from at least 3 organisations reported a crucial risk that was proved by Intel quickly. To avoid possible attack, Intel did a hot fix to key consumers, like the biggest cloud services companies - Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Personal users are advised to download and install any software updates available...
By Dave Lee  View Source  
Lastpass - The Best Way to Manage Online Passwords
As a leading password manager, its first priority is safeguarding your data. It relies on strong encryption algorithms, AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256, to ensure complete security in the cloud. You create an account with an email address and a strong master password to locally-generate a unique encryption key. Your data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. In other words your master password and the keys are never sent to LastPass’ servers. It also offers Two-factor authentication ...
By Anne Yang  View Source  
A Small Business Guide to Computer Encryption
Only a few people know the nature of encryption, but all businesses need it to protect sensitive data. The basic encryption is called ciphertext, which let data to be unreadable unless you are authorised. A modern business has to consider all core data in security view, from USB flash drives to cloud...
By Kim Lindros  View Source  
4 Ways To Make Sure Your Cloud Data Isn't Hacked
Between recent high-profile cloud hacks—including the iCloud hacking scandal and the Sony Pictures Entertainment breach—and the fact that 90 percent of U.S. broadband users are now aware of cloud services to store files, cloud security has become an important, deeply-complex and wide-ranging issue. Indeed, there are few people today who can...
By Joe Lazauskas  View Source  
Ransomware On Apple's iCloud: How the Attack Worked
Be honest, have you ever really been worried about your Apple device getting hacked? I never truly considered the possibility. That is, until I heard about the ransomware attack which affected iCloud users in Australia and the U.S. recently. Victims were locked out of their iPhones by an "Oleg Pliss" and told to pay $100 to unlock their device. In...
By Abigail Wang  View Source  
India’s Internet Curbs Under Legal Cloud
India’s crackdown on the Internet has caused much debate. But was it legal? India’s government says its moves this week to block websites, Twitter accounts and news portals was necessary to reduce simmering tensions over ethnic violence in the northeast of the country. Authorities have far-reaching powers to do just that, laid down in rules...
By Rumman Ahmed and R. Jai Krishna  View Source