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 By Kenina Christi
Blackmail David Beckham: 1 M Or Email Leak
Keep secret data safe experienceDavid Beckham did a right thing to refuse blackmailers who stole his email and ask a £1 million to exchange. We say what he responded is right because with common scenes none can use my property to cost my money. That's a business of robbers. Beckham may negotiate with robbers? No. Beckham may say yes to robbers? No. It's not just an issue of £1 million. It's an attitude to criminals, cyber criminals.

Now people are interesting the contents of leaked email. The case itself is faded from public views further and further. Actually, you should know more and think deeper.

Where Leak From

David Beckham isn't the target of hackers initially. They accessed millions of messages and documents of Simon Oliveira's agency which runs Mr Beckham's publicity.

In other words, the hackers got tons of people's emails in the attack. If you are client of the agency, you may be listed for next blackmail. If you are famous as Mr. Beckham, you may already see it.This is threat of public, not only David Beckham.

What Is Leaked

The story's focus has been transferred to contents of emails. The hackers didn't disappoint social media and exposed some emails. However, these emails aren't real private ones despite some dirt words that gentleman shouldn't speak in public. Most of them were for "a campaign for a knighthood". They brings comments for Mr. Beckham, even if most of them are negative, but cannot hurt him in nature.

We believe that the exposed emails are just a tip of iceberg. Hackers only shew some relatively nice emails to prove they got them and are able to trade them for money. The king cards are still held in hands.

Who Are the Hackers

This is cyber criminal of £1 million, but we didn't see serious investigation. Mr. Beckham maintained that some had been doctored and others had been taken out of context. The right thing he should do is to cooperate with police to get the hackers out. Mr. Beckham's indeed called the police early last year.

However, up to now we only know the hackers use servers of Russia. This case, and other similar cases, need real people to trade and bank, isn't in pure cyberspace completely. Why is it so difficult to catch them or the clues of them? They have secrets of Mr. Beckham as well as of others. Is it the answers.

When the Game Over

A police investigation has been underway in Portugal where the attacked server is. A agent of hacker with fake name Artem Lovuzov wrote: "A generous donation, and you can be sure that all the information I possess will be destroyed."

Destroyed, do you believe? Copy is much easier than erase. None will delete valuable stuff. They will be kept until to be useless, before that time hackers will dig out new secrets that even don't happen today. The game is never over.