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By Bill Gertz
White House confirmed this week that China carried out the cyber attack on the OPM (Office of Personnel Management) and risk more than 22 million sensitive records on American government officials. Bolton disclosed the Chinese hacking in unveiling the Trump's new cyber strategy, which focuses on security efforts to a aggressive stance against cyber attacks. China has been the most aggressive part in cyber espionage and is also the main source to hack personal privacy...
By Bill Gertz  View Source  
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US State Department Reveals Data Breach Employee Information Exposed
Trump once said he wrote important things on papers. He seems distrust modern information technology to protect privacy. The new accident in the US State Department, which has confirmed a data breach through its email system, lets the president win again. The latest new revealed that a compromised email system leaked, and 1% employees' personally identifiable information(PII) have been exposed. Because, these are sort of personal data, the security notice was marked "Sensitive but Unclassified." The hacker may want to get more ...
By Charlie Osborne  View Source  
Mac App Store Apps Caught Stealing and Uploading Browser History
A distributor called Trend Micro, which is linked to a solid information security brand, published some apps, e.g. Dr. Cleaner, are found collect and upload browser history form your mac by multiple research groups. Although the malware have been gotten rid of the App Store, and industry are discussing how the Apple exposes users that trust the store fully to the risk, common consumers must learn from the story: no brand deserves our full trust and the free stuffs probably equal to baits...
By Guilherme Rambo  View Source  
Fortnite Installer May Lead Malware To Android Devices
Download game possibly opens a door for malware, which may be a root of tons of troubles. Fortnite Installer may risk your device's Android by malware attacking. That's because Fortnite isn't available through Google's Play Store, instead it chose an unorthodox route for the game's fans. It means fans have to face more dangers in nature. Google Play Store should be more helpful to popularize an online game, it a right place for Fortnite, Android, and fans. This security issue may cause something changed in future...
By ALFRED NG  View Source  
Cambodia Strongman Extends 33-Year Rule in Boycotted Election
An election described as neither free nor fair in Cambodia is discussing widely. Some international factors are uncovered to impact the small country's election. Hackers from China is one of them. This month, U.S. cyber security firm FireEye said it found evidence of hackers sourced from Hainan infiltrating computer systems belonging to Cambodia’s opposition leaders and the media. Private emails and documents were stolen and fake news were targeted to particular audience...
By Philip Heijmans  View Source